Sunday, February 5, 2012

For the Love of Copper!

I would like to introduce my newest obsession, my 10-inch, Mauviel Copper Egg White Bowl! I am so excited! In fact, this bowl has been on my wish list for years! Egg whites react with copper to make them more stable and create higher peaks. I found this bowl in a tarnished state at a local kitchen store, just lying there, waiting for me! I bought it for a steal, took it home, and it cleaned up beautifully! So keep your eye out, if you can find any Mauviel products for under $100, it's a great buy and a pleasure to use and own!

Mauviel manufacturing company was established in 1830, by Mr. Ernest Mauviel, in the Normandy village of Villedieu-les-Poiles, known as "the city of copper." Copper manufacturing has been conducted in the village for 800 years and the knowledge and skill has been handed down from generation to generation. For an interesting video, by a 7th generation Mauviel, click here. (It helps explain the hefty price tag!)

Keep checking my blog for my next excellent recipe requiring beaten egg whites, of course!

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