Friday, March 16, 2018

Slainte, To Your Health!


How do I say this.....traditional Irish food is....not my favorite. I spent last weekend making all traditional recipes of corned beef, buttered cabbage, champ, and brown bread from Darina Allen, of the famous Ballymaloe House hotel and cooking school in County Cork, Ireland. I even bought Irish butter, which isn't cheap in the US! After all, I needed to provide you a perfect menu for St. Patrick's Day. I was so disappointed, and I won't relay what my husband had to say. Sorry Darina, I was sure it would be awesome, but it wasn't. So, I will refer to my fabulous Irish-Inspired Menu from a previous post. No wonder my Irish friend begs me to make it! You'll love it! I PROMISE!


Have a great holiday and remember to drink responsibly!

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