Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Southwestern Lasagna?

Continuing my "Chilly Chile Menu," following the Southwest Caesar Salad, I served "Green Chile Chicken Lasagna with Goat Cheese!" Yum! If you're familiar with my site, you know that wonton wrappers make fantastic ravioli, but did you know egg roll sheets make a great lasagna? Brilliant! This sensational lasagna, layered with roasted green chiles, goat cheese, grilled chicken, and a fabulous green chile sauce, is so comforting and absolutely delicious! Although this recipe calls for a lot of chiles, it is not as spicy as you would expect. So don't be afraid! In addition, sauteed wild mushrooms would make a welcome addition layered over the goat cheese! This is just what you crave on a snowy winter night! *Don't forget to check back for dessert!

Green Chile Chicken Lasagna with Goat Cheese

Serves 6 (at least!)

For the green chile sauce
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large yellow onion, peeled and large dice
3 large garlic cloves, peeled
8 fresh green chiles, roasted, peeled and seeded (see Techniques) (Poblano chiles are the best choice, but anaheim or a mix of both would work as well.)
3 cups chicken stock
1/2 cup cilantro
1 teaspoon Mexican oregano
1 teaspoon ground cumin
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

For the lasagna
1 recipe green chile sauce
1 lb large egg roll sheets
8 fresh green chiles, roasted, peeled and seeded (see Techniques) (Poblano chiles are the best choice, but anaheim or a mix of both would work as well.)
1 log (6 ounces) goat cheese, crumbled
1 lb Monterey Jack cheese, shredded (reserve 1/3 of the cheese for topping)
1 lb cooked chicken, diced or shredded (I cook it on my grill pan.)

For the green chile sauce
Heat oil in a large pot and saute onions and garlic over medium heat until translucent. Add prepared green chiles and stock. Bring to a simmer and add cilantro and seasonings. Cook for 3-4 minutes, then carefully transfer to a blender jar. (Allow to cool a few minutes or you might have an explosion ) Process until very smooth. Taste and season with salt (at least 1 tsp) and pepper. Set aside.

For the lasagna
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spread 1 cup sauce over the bottom and up sides of a 9"x13" baking dish. Make three layers in the following order:

1st layer: double layered egg roll sheets (cut to fit or you may not have enough!), flat chiles, goat cheese, and 1/3 of the Monterey Jack cheese.

2nd layer: double layered egg roll sheets, 1 cup sauce, chicken, 1/3 Monterey Jack cheese.

3rd layer: double layered egg roll sheets, remaining sauce. (It seems like a lot of sauce, but it's okay!)

Cover with parchment paper them foil. (Can be refrigerated for up to 4 hours at this point.)

Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Uncover and top with reserved cheese. Return to the oven for 10 minutes to melt cheese.

Cut into serving-size squared and serve while hot.

Recipe from Canyon Cafe: Bringing The Southwestern Experience Home.

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  1. I love this lasagna! The egg roll sheets worked very well and was super easy. I might make all my lasagna recipes that way. Thanks!